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1EA15 :

DEWI ROSDYANA (11212961)

YULIANI (17212941)



Yuli               : Hi, Dewi

Dewi              : Hi, Yuli

Yuli               : How are you today ?

Dewi              : I’m fine , how about you?

Yuli               : I’m not good

Dewi              : Why ?

Yuli               : Lately the weather is not good, it makes me sick

Dewi              : Yes, I think so. we have to maintain a healthy body in the middle of unpredictable weather like right now

Yuli               : Of course, our health is the most important. By the way, where are you going  wi?

Dewi              : I want to go to the bookstore, there are some books that I want to buy.

Yuli               : What book would you buy?

Dewi              : I want to buy a novel.oyeah… I’ve got two movie tickets, would you go with me ?

Yuli               : of course, when we’ll go to movie ?

Dewi              : this afternoon at 4 O’clock

Yuli               : Okay where we met ?

Dewi              : In Front of theather.

Yuli               : hmm…okay . by the way, how about we go to lunch ?

Dewi              : that’s good idea. But not now, because I must go to bookstore now.

Yuli               : oh… okay no problem. Hm…Maybe next time

Dewi              : alright..see you nyul

Yuli               : oke see you later wi…


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