about me

Posted: October 13, 2012 in tulisan

There is a task of writing a blog told lecturers * tumble as he says WAW =)) * hm … but I’ve never written a blog “…. But for my task, whatever will I do …” I’m Yuliani, my hobby games, walks, shopping, sports, karokean, movies,My favorite food is fried noodles. I like to drink milk. and much more hahaha…

My physical characteristics .. my hair curly, bushy eyebrows like caterpillars, my skin brown, not tall, not thin … but whatever it is I love myself. all of the Allah Almighty give to me is a gift to be thankful for and maintained. because no man is perfect

I am a lover of black, like mickey mouse doll, I love surprises, entertainment, beautiful and romantic atmosphere. I’m girl my mom and dad, sprung from my grandparents, and sister from my siblings .

Confused want to write anything, the theme of what, hm-____-* upset level of provision* ..talk about me, I am the daughter of one of his know … wkwk “show off”. I am the first child of four brothers. I have three younger brothers. The first is sitting in Junior High School, which both sit in an elementary school, and the latter still kindergarten.

I lived at home my grandma, so we gathered all in one house (big family). My grandfather used to work as an employee in the company PRJ. Daddy I am a driver in a private company, my mother is a housewife. They are all the people that I care about. so did my brothers, I want them to be more diligent, more clever, smarter, and better than me.

Now I am a student at a private college is the University Gunadarma. I took the Faculty of Economics, majoring in Management S1. I think the companies need managers and human resources quality, creative and innovative for the betterment of the company.

Initially I had no intention to continue study to college. however God wills others. I had a chance from the University Gunadarma with PMDK through his final test Passed my beloved campus. I am very grateful for all the gifts of Allah SWT that still allow me to continue the study to a higher level. I am thankful and grateful for the support of my family, especially my grandmother who was very supportive of me to continue the study and the same mom and dad that still allowed me to explore the science, reaching up and realize my goals. they support me, support me. I promise to make them happy, a good son, and one day ennoble them aminn.


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